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01.12.2012 - Drawn illustrations for a children's book with a poem about winter. The book will be published in the city of Yekaterinburg in the near future.
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  • картина, акварель, Цирцея, девушка с цветами на голове
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  • картина, акварель, Ель, дерево в лесу
  • картина, акварель, Пионы, цветы, зелень, букет
  • картина, акварель, Петухи Пуэрто-Рико, петушиные бои
  • картина, акварель, Шут, скоморох с бабалайкой на окне


2012 - «Осенние мотивы», Снежинск, Дом Культуры «Октябрь»
2012 - «Весеннее настроение», Снежинск, Дом Культуры «Октябрь»
2012 - «Провинциальные истории», Челябинский центр народного творчества и краеведческий музей
2011 - «Весеннее настроение», Снежинск, Дом Культуры «Октябрь»

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I was born and in the town of Snezhinsk, in the Ural Region, Russia. My professional activity is not associated with art and creativity, but since childhood, as far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by Art: I painted, made sculptures from clay, handcrafted using paper and various materials, etc.

Starting from 2005 I studied in the art studio of Andrei Zhirnov (Snezhinsk), where people gathered in order to make their childhood dreams a reality – to master painting.

Some of us literally started from the very basics, learning the art of painting, of seeing the world in a new perspective – through the eyes of an artist.

Many of the still life works that can be seen on this site were painted inside the studio building, in our very own "artistic basement." Still, to work outside, surrounded solely by nature is the greatest pleasure for me. There is always plenty of objects to draw, and the Ural views and landscapes are in themselves a true source of inspiration. At times, while walking through a forest or passing by a shore of a lake, you notice a special spot, some special place that captivates your attention, and you promise yourself to come back there one more time to make a sketch or a painting. During these painting sessions en plein air I painted the places close to Snezhinsk, such as coasts of lakes Sinara, Itkul, Silach and others. Some special memories are attached to each site, to every place, and that is the reason why these paintings are dear to me.

Most of the works are watercolors as, it seems to me, watercolor paintings are most successful at expressing the multiplicity of the season colors, the spirit of the weather, the brightness and tenderness of colors, the purity and fragility of native land which is not yet touched by the destructive influence of homo sapiens.

Several watercolors were painted in Kudepsta settlement near Sochi, in October 2007.

Even though the paintings were not made by the hand of a professional, they present my own view of the world. I would be genuinely happy if you became interested in this world, as seen through my eyes.

I dream that after visiting my website some people would decide that their time has come to fulfill his or her dream, take a pencil in hand, start painting, cross the boundaries of the mind and enter the world, desiring to see it in a different view and to put this view down on paper.

A person expressing himself through art is always interesting, and, therefore, never alone.

Good luck to you!