, 2011, material: pastel on paper, size: 250x590
  • drawing, watercolor, Winter Garden, garden, garden house, winter, trails, trees, snow, night, the moon, the clouds, the light in the windows, porch
  • drawing, watercolor, Waxwings, winter, house, spruce, snow drifts, snow, birds, branches
  • drawing, watercolor, Skiers, forest trail, skiing, kids ski poles, waxwings, trees, snow drifts, snow, trails
  • drawing, watercolor, Snow-covered city, people, sled, winter, snow drifts, cars, roads, houses, snowflakes
  • drawing, watercolor, Christmas Tree, Children in costumes, the lights, the star on the tree, dance, gifts, rabbit, red cap, a bear, a fox, a black man, and Snow Maiden, New Year, the curtain
  • drawing, watercolor, Winter road, winter, forest, sun, snow, snow drifts, pine, shrubs
  • drawing, watercolor, Goby, bull, winter, tree, house, lights in the windows, the moon, the starry sky, snowdrifts
  • drawing, watercolor, Snowstorm, snow, winter, bench, lantern, cat, girl under a blanket, wood, drifts
  • drawing, watercolor, Tree in snow, forest, snow drifts, winter, trees
  • drawing, watercolor, Lapland, forest, winter, beach, snow, sky, lake